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Google’s New Mobile Device Oriented SEO Element

Google has hardcoded new elements that are directly tied to mobile search into its most current search equation that could impact your SEO efforts.  Interestingly, these critical factors have less to do with content and code

Google Rewards Mobile Websites With Higher Rankings

You may have heard, read or experienced first-hand that Google is rewarding mobile-friendly websites. Websites that are mobile compliant across PCs, Mobile Phones and Tablets are being rewarded with higher rankings. This positive incentive is further

Employ this Mobile Marketing Program Now

1.08 billion smartphones around the world. Globally, 3.08 billion phones are SMS enabled. 71 percent of smartphone users that see TV, press or online ad, do a mobile search for more information. *Statistics from Socialnomics. See the whole article

Why you Need to Offer a Mobile Web Experience

Around the globe, there are more than 5.3 billion mobile subscribers. With smart phones in the hands of 40% of all adult mobile phone users, it’s obvious that the flood of smart phones is not going

Blog Design Tips for Mobile

With every new release of increasingly powerful and web-ready smart phones, companies that use a blog to reach their target market have to consider the blog functionality for mobile access. There is no ignoring the need

How to use Mobile Marketing to be more Interactive

I know it may be hard to imagine that mobile marketing could possibly become more interactive, but SnapTags take mobile landing pages to the next level. What is a SnapTag? A graphic image created for the purpose of

How to Develop a Mobile Website, the Right Way

As smartphones continue to advance in their technology and web capabilities, business owners need to integrate functional mobile web capabilities into their company websites. With a well-designed mobile website, businesses can rest assured that their busy

Build your Mobile Marketing Program

Mobile marketing is pushing forward full-steam ahead. While it has been used primarily as a B2C tactic, as executives become more reliant on their smartphones, there is a very real need for detailed and targeted mobile