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Influence of Social Media – Converting your Top 1%

Reports have shown that the top 1% of your social media sites audience generates nearly 20% of all the site traffic through sharing and commentary. This 1% is your key target, those followers, friends and contacts that can drive your brand awareness and sales. So, it is crucial that you learn what makes this key demographic tic, in other words, what the Social Media influencers are and how to reap their response in sales.

Quality not Quantity

As with any marketing, successful Social Media marketing requires quality content and interaction with the connections made on all profiles. Your readers and followers don’t need a reminder every hour about what you do, they need to understand the WHY behind your brand and to do that, you need to understand what they are seeking. However, before you try to understand what your key demographic wants, you need to find out who they are.

Cream of the Crop

The top 1% of your audience tend to engage most often with your pages and profiles, adding the all-important interaction to your profiles that let other readers know that what you have to say has merit. To locate these driven followers, take a look at your social media analytics and tracking statistics for a few months to find out who is listening, where they’re located and what is driving their response. Radian 6 is a great option for deep SMM reporting.

Share and Share Alike

Once you know who your top 1% is, you need to pay attention to what they like to share. A solid Social Media analytics program can dig down into this group to see what type of content they like to share. Are they driven by YouTube videos, Games, Contests or Fact-filled articles?

Where Do They Hang Out?

You need to understand where to post this all important content so that it is accessible to your top 1%. One easy way to do this is to ask a known and active expert on Twitter that covers your subject matter where they go to learn of and share their content

Once you know there who, where and drivers of your key Social Media contacts, you can turn the heat on them where they live and give them the content they want to build your profits.