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It Takes More Than Search To Generate Website Leads

In a Webmaster Help video earlier this month Google’s Matt Cutts warned against relying on Search Engines alone to generate website leads.  Even though Google has nearly 70% market share and their sites reach 92.2 percent of the mobile media audience1 Google still suggests diversification with internet marketing.

Less Than 12 Spots To Rank Organically

website leads

Putting all your eggs in one basket either consciously or unintentionally is usually a risky bet.  It could prove a fatal error for your business if marketing tactics don’t perform as anticipated or something changes unexpectedly.  

Most search result pages have less than twelve slots to rank on organically, that is, without paying for ad space.  To appear in one of these coveted slots takes committed, consistent and continuous efforts. Needless to say, more people want to appear on the first page of Google, and reap the website leads that come from that position, than actually do.

Diversify To Expand Online Visibility

Counting on any one online channel for lead generation is as limiting as dividing your time, effort and resources across too many. The goal is to use as many online channels as you can realistically handle, effectively, before being stretched thin. To get real results, channel management requires a dedicated presence across all the channels you’ve committed to maintaining.  Consistency in some areas and inconsistency in others won’t yield average results, but rather, disappointment for both your prospects and your brand.

Simple Synergy Strategies

Many Internet marketing efforts fail due to a lack of strategy, coordinated forethought and execution. When thinking ahead and holistically, it’s easier to identify opportunities for natural synergies and efficiencies as well as spotting areas of deficiencies that require correction before implementation.  If, for example, you develop traffic to a weak website, or one that isn’t mobile friendly, then you’re working against yourself.  (Especially after Google launched their new “Hummingbird” search algorithm last month that penalizes companies for not having a mobile web design, or having a mobile website with issues). The end goal of any Internet marketing effort is usually some type of conversion in the form of a website lead – not just “more traffic”.

When properly maintained, your Internet marketing efforts will be rewarded by one plus one equaling three.  How so? Once you leverage and build on your positive momentum, you will be recognized more easily by search engines, a snowball effect of lead generation.

Despite the combination of online channels you select for lead generation, keep these points in mind when developing a diversified online marketing initiative.

  • Think, feel, then do.  Think about what you want to accomplish and develop an initial Internet marketing strategy to get started.  Feel your way through what you want to commit to.  Then do it by keeping your strategy a top priority with the appropriate resources, time, and expertise required to succeed.
  • Less before more.  Keep your channel management simple to begin with. Start off with less rather than more online channels, and invest full force into your selected few. Add on additional channels only after you’ve mastered the current load. 
  • Build on strong foundations.  Make sure you have a mobile friendly, convertible website, for example, since it is the hub and destination to most lead generation.  So when you successfully drive traffic to your site, potential customers should be able to execute from their desktop, tablet or smartphone.  Once on your site or optimized landing page, ensure it maximizes the potential customer’s motivation to take action.  Avoid the trap of thinking it’s good enough as it is, because this usually means “it’s not right” which translates into “a wasted ineffective effort.”

Your Internet marketing effort is an investment in your business. It needs to be treated as such. Take the time to develop a holistic, targeted strategy to drive website leads within your target market, select the online channels you intend to begin with, then execute, manage and monitor your success.

1 comScore Reports August 2013