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The Best Internet Marketing Strategies for Content

All the graphics have been built and all your selected social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are in place along with your profiles on niche blogging and article marketing sites. You’ve decided on your marketing message and have worked up your target keyword list. Checking off the first few points on your marketing strategy is an effective step to garnering results. However, now you’re faced with the difficult task of building the content that supports your online marketing message and goals.

From your website to landing pages, ad campaigns and social media profiles, all of your media outlets require regular and targeted content to build your brand awareness, conversions and ultimately, sales. When building your marketing content, keep the following points in mind:

Who are you talking to?

Your target market needs to be clearly defined for each of your marketing initiatives. That means understanding what drives their interests, what vernacular they are most comfortable with and where they are doing their shopping or research is key to effective results for your marketing strategy. So, do you homework (a/k/a/ market research) and find out how to get their attention and turn it into conversions.

 Quiet, in the case of marketing content, is decidedly NOT golden.

Keep your content consistent, and engaging. Sounds simple, right? Well, even the best marketing strategy can fail if no one hears the message. It can be difficult to know where, when and how often to post content to best reach your target market, and may take a few months to find the “sweet spot” for your target market. Keep posting, updating, advertising and tweeting consistently and analyze the results regularly to see what works for your niche. The most important thing is to not let your voice go quiet during your marketing plan. Change it up as needed, but by all means, keep talking.

Follow through in all channels.

Having a consistent marketing message and content process is all well in good, but it needs to be upheld by your entire sales funnel. In other words, the marketing message needs to follow through to each level of your staff that has any client contact.

So, now what? Follow through in your content plan to support your marketing strategy. Sound simple?  If not, consider using a marketing consultant to help you navigate the waters of consistent messaging and sharing to see real results from your well-planned marketing strategy.