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The Latest Call To Action Trend: Remarketing Your Business

Marketing companies and the businesses they support are always looking for ways to increase conversion rates on their calls to action. Whether you’re talking about offers that require an email address to obtain shared information or a simple “click here” button that takes you to an action page like a form or a chat screen, the goal is to convert the visitor to a lead.

One of the newer trends in online marketing is the integration of some outbound tactics to increase internet leads. For example, integrating a PPC, Pay-Per-Click, campaign that drives traffic back to a dedicated landing page with calls to action to increase the conversion rate.

Based on consumer research, by watching site visitor behavior and applying the research to advertising, B2C (and some B2B) companies have implemented a “remarketing” campaign to increase their internet leads.

call to action

What Is “Remarketing”?

Remarketing is a form of PPC advertising that integrates buyer behavior API codes when determining the placement of your online ads. For example, a person visits your website, then leaves to view other sites online. No matter how long they spend on your site when you have a Remarketing campaign attached to your website, your website tracks the IP address of the visitor and places a cookie on their site. That cookie allows their IP address to be “followed” online, so when they pop over to another site if the site is in the remarketing vendor’s network, that site visitor will see your remarketing ad, for up to 30 days after they visited your site.

Remarketing has an advantage over standard PPC campaigns in that it only shows your ad to people who have visited your website, meaning they were interested at some point in your business, services, or offerings. It allows you to maintain a “front of mind” position with a target market that is already familiar with you. This increases your chances of generating a viable lead from that “front of mind” placement.

There are several services online that offer Remarketing services. While Google offers a Remarketing adoption, we don’t recommend investing in it because most service providers include more than just the Google network, which extends your campaign’s reach.

One Remarketing service provider we do recommend is:

Fetch back

“FetchBack is a leading fully-managed, targeted display company, specializing in retargeting.” They offer an extensive ad network, covering almost 90% of the Internet, allowing advertisers the reach they need to keep their call to action, in this case, an ad, “front of mind” with their buyers.

By combining the Fetchback ad campaign with a customized contact form landing page, you turn your ad into a hyper-targeted call to action to recent site visitors. We recommend selecting a segment of your target market that has been showing decreases in lead conversion recently to direct your call to action ad creative. By testing your call to action with a lower-performing conversion segment, you can gauge the effectiveness of the ad network and make adjustments without decreasing your higher converting target market.

Need a little assistance setting up or managing a Remarketing campaign? Talk to an online marketing company to build the strategy behind your campaign and manage the inbound tactics that will help generate internet leads.