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Your LinkedIn Profile Is About Brand Identity and Trust

What does your business have that your target market needs? Keep the answer top of mind as your create your LinkedIn profile so it is written in a way that resonates with potential customers and makes a positive impression consistent with your brand identity.  Be truthful and accurate about who you are, but keep descriptions and content in terms that appeal to your target audience.  Consider the phrases they use, what they feel is important, and refer to them in the content.  Remember that the purpose of your profile is to support your lead generation efforts – not to support self-praise.

Who Should your LinkedIn Profile Engage?

To effectively bridge the gap between engagement and the lead generation process, you need to write your profile with an individual in mind which represents the ideal customer you want to attract.  This ideal customer persona is a composite of your target audience with a shared set of roles, responsibilities, demographics, industry focus and company size.

By thinking in specifics when developing your LinkedIn profile your content writing will speak directly to that persona and their needs.

What to Consider When Filling In Your LinkedIn Profile social media lead generation

·         Begin with the end in mind, then work backwards.  What are your critical points?  If your profile visitor knows nothing about you, what are the top three criteria that you want to relay to them quickly and effectively? As with all other types of web visitors, you need to make an instant impression and hit home with your intent.

·         What impression do you want to make? Your LinkedIn profile represents the face of your brand and should convey the unique value you offer, how you want people to perceive your brand, your services, and yourself.   When you decide how you want to be perceived, your LinkedIn profile content writing effort becomes more a matter of how to organize your criteria than how to write it. Look at all the tools available within your profile, like your profile url, your headline, summary and your gallery as tactics to leverage the content you intend to share with your target audience.

Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s

Once you develop all the content and load it to your LinkedIn profile page, be sure to review it all with an editorial eye, looking for grammatical and punctuation errors first, then reading through for flow, effect and actionable copy after.

Just as journalists, writers, and authors rely on editors, consider having your profile reviewed by a fresh set of eyes before considering it done.  As Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” For an objective and independent assessment of your LinkedIn profile’s lead generation potential, feel free to reach me on LinkedIn or M.Sneor@